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You can use the Get-Item cmdlet.

Get-Item command lets you retrieve information about the items in an image and shows where the items in the image are when viewing the image, if they exist or if the image cannot be opened without the ‘OpenItem’ parameter set.

Command line output

cmdlet Get-Item -F

Returns the items in the Image and the title of each item. The title of every item is displayed in the description and image and is specified in the ‘Open item’ parameter set.

Image content can only be found in images and images is limited to 16 bytes.

Command line output

cmdlet Get-Item -F -x 1024 -u Image -p 4 -C \ -n 16.8 -g 10 -t ImageImageImage

If you didn’t specify the source image path in the Get-Item command, images will not be displayed. However, if you specify the local image path it will be placed right before the main image image, and the top image version number will be displayed instead, which reduces the number of files that must be processed in that path.


Include the following in your project.json :